LaGuardia Airport

Airports – Distance & Convenience

For all of its local charms, one of Yonkers’ most graceful conveniences is how easy it is to fly to and from the city. Our Hudson Park apartments are an easy reach to all of the local New York airports, and are only a quick skip away for our residents. There are numerous terminals close to Yonkers, and the most direct access to the city comes from LaGuardia Airport itself. Only seventeen miles from the center of Yonkers, Laguardia Airport is a mere 30-minute drive from Hudson Park. If you’re headed for other destinations, the Westchester County Airport is also just 30 minutes in the other direction.

If you’re looking for more global flights, the John F. Kennedy International Airport is no more than 45 minutes by car as well. Hudson Park is built at an exceptionally convenient location, and all travel, whether by train or plane, is close at hand for our residents.