Stew Leonard's

Stew Leonard’s

Looking for a true local market with products that taste fresh and are grown with the utmost attention and care? Among the fun things to do in Yonkers, NY, our residents are a close commute to the famed Stew Leonard’s. Founded in 1969, Stew Leonard’s began as a family market and quickly became the world’s largest dairy store, and its satellite store in Yonkers sells delicious goods ranging from yogurt and ice cream to local berries and hand-cut and aged beef cuts. A visit to Stew Leonard’s is a unique experience in and of itself.

Open seven days a week until 10pm, Stew Leonard’s is just a 15-minute drive from Hudson Park (and it’s on the beeline bus route). In addition to its delicious produce and dairy, Stew Leonard’s provides catering services and wine tastings for local Yonkers residents. Yonkers has a character all its own, and Stew Leonard’s is one among many of the city’s fixtures that make it a charming place to rent.