Our one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartments are designed with ample living space and accommodating layout. This floor plan, though modest, packs a punch with its spacious bedrooms – yet another advantage of living outside of Manhattan. With this kind of space, and with the more relaxed pace of life that waterfront living, one has time for the finer things, like cooking. Even our one-bedroom floor plans are perfect for that, equipped with a runway of counter space in the modern, updated kitchens.

Who says you can’t host dinner parties at your own apartment in New York? The foyer space and full closet that rest adjacent to the kitchen provide all the comforts of form and function within an efficient space. And with the built-in washer/dryer set, you no longer have to save quarters for that two-hour Laundromat pilgrimage.

The apartment’s living and dining room area is especially generous, with the space encompassing well over 160 square feet in which to relax and stretch your legs. Comfort and convenience is at the heart of what we provide our residents, and our one bedroom and one-bathroom apartments perfectly enmesh their tidier layout with an inviting design. Our one bedroom and one bathroom apartments offer stunning views like these:

Yonkers waterfront apartments view

Photo taken by a Hudson Park resident for the 2013 Spring Photo Contest