The largest of all our availabilities, our two-bedroom apartment with a den provides both a comfortable interior and abundant living space. Expanding beyond 1,200 square feet, our two bedroom apartments with a den offer the roomiest layout of all our availabilities.

The combined living and dining area is a perfect place to cook and entertain, and Hudson Park’s waterfront setting gives each of our apartments a serene, open feel. The addition of a den provides a perfect reading nook, or a great place for your big screen and sound system. 

Our two-bedroom, den-equipped apartment also includes its own washer and dryer, an exceptional convenience you’d be hard pressed to own in the heart of New York City. Additionally, the master bedroom includes an attached bathroom.

Our two bedroom and bath apartment with a den can provide stunning views of either the Hudson River or downtown.

Yonkers waterfront apartments view

1st place photo taken by a Hudson Park resident for the 2013 Spring Photo Contest