Expansive and spacious, our two-bedroom apartments offer over 1,000 square feet of living space. A place to dine with family, or to unwind with friends after hours, this floor plan has more than enough room for your favorite creature comforts. Both bedrooms feature a walk-in closet area that gives ample storage and clothes hanging space. The kitchen also comes with both generous preparatory space and a countertop stove. 

The apartment features its own washer and dryer, a convenience most residents would be unable to enjoy in Manhattan. The living and dining room area also encompasses nearly 250 square feet in itself, and is ideal for both eating in and comfortable dinner parties. With a closet right at the doorway, there’s a tidy space for guests to hang up their coats. Our two bedroom, two bath apartments have stunning views:

Yonkers waterfront apartments view

2nd place photo taken by a Hudson Park resident for the 2013 Spring Photo Contest