Commute to Manhattan

Riding Along the Hudson - Commuting to the City

The workweek is long, and the hours can feel like they start to drag on as soon as Monday afternoon. But there’s no reason you should be hassled on your way to the office. For residents who make the commute to Manhattan, the historic Yonkers Metro North railroad station is just across the street. Quick, convenient, and comfortable, having the train platform close at hand can take the chore out of commuting. The Yonkers station is less than half an hour’s commute to Grand Central Station (28 minutes, to be precise – or 23 on the express line), and as far as commutes go, how many 9-5 Manhattanites get to enjoy a riverside view on their way to the city? Whether you choose to bury yourself in a favorite novel, or take in a contemplative view of the dramatic cliffs of the New Jersey Palisades, your rail commute will be one of the simple pleasures of living in Yonkers.

Then when the weekend rolls around, it’s always great to step out of your work shoes for a while. Why not go for a Sunday jog in Central Park, or to catch a favorite band on the Lower East Side? Or maybe you have tickets to a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden…. The best part about your weekend is that the train schedules to Yonkers run like clockwork, almost every half an hour. Unlike people who take the subway in to Manhattan from Brooklyn or Queens, weekend track maintenance won’t throw a wrench in your plans.